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Oh, No You Didn’t: Why Black Women Should Not Watch Tyler Perry Movies

Let me start by stating the obvious: I am not African American. But, if I was, and all I was left with was Tyler Perry’s sexist and stereotypical movies as the main representative of my entire culture, I’d be pissed. … Continue reading

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Free to Be You and Me and Baby-Free

From now on, when people ask me why I don’t have kids, I’m going to tell them that I’m saving the world. A 2009 Oregon State University study shows that having children is one of the biggest threats to the … Continue reading

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So, You Wanna Be A Baller?

I would’ve made a great Tight End. Ok, I don’t have the height, but I have the body and the hands. As my mom always told me, I’m built like a mailbox, definitely capable of putting on a serious block. … Continue reading

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When We’re Too Much On Our Own: A Response to Academic Thievery

I was sitting at my dining room table, drowning in a sea of textbooks, notes, and articles, trying to prepare syllabi for my fall courses, when a friend stopped by to provide some much needed relief. “Whoa! What’s going on … Continue reading

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Medium Rare, Hold the Steroids

Medium Rare, Hold the Steroids. via Medium Rare, Hold the Steroids.

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Book Review of Marc Schuster’s The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl

In a society where mixed messages are the norm, it is hard not to feel daily pangs of panic and confusion. We should save our money in case of recession, but we should spend our money to end the recession. … Continue reading

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Exposing PETA

Recently, food politics has almost overtaken the “green” revolution as the latest hot-button social issue. From Michael Pollan’s best-sellers to First Lady Michelle Obama’s obesity initiative, everyone is paying attention to their food and where it comes from. This obsession … Continue reading

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