More Pimpin’! (You’re Right, Evan: It Ain’t Easy)

So, in my last post, I forgot to mention some very important people doing some very important work. These are folks who are not just downright talented but never neglect to give me the good ol’ thumbs up on Facebook or WordPress when I post my drivel. Right now, I’m giving myself a big thumbs down for not listing them in my last post.

Everyone should check out Evan James Roskos. Evan and I went to graduate school together, and he’s one of those guys that makes you smarter just by sitting next to him. Not only is he an inspiring classmate, but he’s a great storyteller. In fact, everyone should check out his work at the First Person Arts Story Slam. Also, if you have time, take a peek at his blog(s) YAWP! and Two Local Men.

Also a must read: Melinda VanLone. Melinda and I have never officially met each other – though we do have a few mutual acquaintances – but I feel like we’re life-long friends. Mel is a great writer and loves all things sci fi/fantasy. And dark chocolate. I particularly enjoy her blog’s book and movie reviews. She’s the best online buddy to have (very supportive, always commenting, and a good re-poster), so you should pay attention to what she’s doing and who she’s following. I wish I kept up with her blog as much as she keeps up with mine.  Check her out

If you’re into photography, especially really awesome shots of colorful, mouth-watering food, check out Kerri Schuster’s photo blog Schutter to Think. Kerri’s got an amazing eye for the minutiae. Definitely stop in and take a look – tell her Monica sent you.


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3 Responses to More Pimpin’! (You’re Right, Evan: It Ain’t Easy)

  1. Marc Schuster says:

    Just added YAWP! to my blog feed. (Imagine hearing that sentence in 1992.)

  2. Awww, thanks Monica! I can’t believe that all the time we spent in Philly that you and I never got together. I swear next time I’m anywhere near you, we are doing lunch! Darn it! Thanks for the shout out :-). And keep posting, I LOVE your blogs. You say the things I wish I’d said 🙂

  3. Awww…Thanks. This might be just the motivation I need to get posting again. You rock!

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