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In Memoriam

There’s nothing new in saying that we are completely self-centered when it comes to death. It makes perfect sense, really, since we can no longer do anything for the person who has died: we’re all that’s left. Yes, we frame … Continue reading

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A Snow Day Story

I am one of those rare individuals who does not like snow days. I hate when school is canceled, and I hate not being able to drive. I do not relax or snuggle up with a good book and a … Continue reading

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Us and Her

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the movies by myself and saw Spike Jonze’s Her. Starring Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly (a great name that is fittingly formal and childish), Her is the story of a man who enters into a … Continue reading

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Death Becomes Her

Here are your options: 1. You die. However, every time that you die, you are reborn and get to live your life over again with the ability to correct the mistakes of your past but condemned, as all humans are, … Continue reading

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X Rated with Evan James Roskos

There was this guy in my graduate English classes who I used to admiringly and sardonically refer to (behind his back, of course) as the “smartest kid in the room.” He simultaneously pissed me off to no end and inspired … Continue reading

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I’m Not Wearing Any Pants

I’ve always been a pants girl. To me, pants represent a sense of power, dignity, and safety. Women burned bras to wear pants! Pants have buttons, latches, and zippers that make entrance into said pants troublesome, if not a complete … Continue reading

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Girl Crush Part III – Orange is the New Black

If someone were to ask me to think about shows that have an all – or almost all – female cast, I would probably first think of some horrible reality TV show like Dance Moms, followed by some lame series … Continue reading

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