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Springsteen and I: A Review

Springsteen and I, directed by Baillie Walsh and produced by Ridley Scott, is a documentary made almost entirely of home videos, blended with some rare concert footage, that chronicles the meaning of Bruce Springsteen as told through the lens of … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Bruce

I have to admit…I went into last night’s Springsteen show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with mild reservation. For one, I haven’t really connected with Bruce’s album Wrecking Ball, though I always appreciate – in general – his … Continue reading

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The Boss Loves Women (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)

In a recent article titled “The Only Three Women in Bruce Springsteen’s Music,” writer Rebecca Bohanan critiques the role that female characters have played in Bruce Springsteen’s music. She ends her article stating: …Springsteen’s American Dream is still about a … Continue reading

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Do Not Go Gentle…

Do not go gentle into that good night…Rage, rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas You’ve gotta fight for your right to party. – Beastie Boys Anyone close to me knows that one of my biggest fears … Continue reading

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Re: Mix

The inability to articulate what one feels in any satisfactory way is one of our enduring tragedies. – Nick Hornby, Juliet Naked The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer … Continue reading

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The Lady is a Champ

If I didn’t have an iPod, I would never exercise. While I understand the benefits, there is nothing less exciting to me than running, lifting, squatting, and stretching. So, I need some kind of incentive, some kind of motivation, to … Continue reading

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