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What I Learned About Learning From Learning About Learning

It’s been seven years since I was last a student. In that time, I have transformed from the learner in the desk to the teacher at the podium (note: I don’t actually use a podium). My life now revolves around … Continue reading

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job (But, If You Could…)

Let me start by saying that I love my job. Teaching is rewarding in a number of ways, and I don’t just mean in the BS “our children are our future” kind of way.  That’s cool, too, but what I … Continue reading

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The Myth of Success

One of my favorite sports movies of all time is Major League. Not only is it hilarious (Bob Uecker at his finest; Charlie Sheen pre-Tiger Blood), but it’s one of those feel-good, rags-to-riches stories that’s as American as baseball itself. … Continue reading

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X Rated with Marc Schuster

Today, I had the pleasure of two firsts: conducting my first interview and conducting my first interview with author Marc Schuster. Schuster’s second novel The Grievers is gearing up for release on May 1, and he graciously sat down with … Continue reading

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The Business of Education

At a recent faculty development day, our forward-thinking administrators encouraged us to start connecting the content of our courses to the workforce. They used terms like “business model” and “entrepreneurship” in the same breath as “student success” and “graduation rates.” … Continue reading

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An Ode to Anti-Union YouTube Videos

Is it silly to respond to an anti-union YouTube video that was probably released by right-wing, Tea Party-backed morons? Yes, it probably is. Nonetheless, I will waste my time in an effort to correct some of the wrongs involved in … Continue reading

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Do I Sound Bitter?

The US Army base at Fort Monmouth, NJ is in the process of closing down. With that, my husband will soon be losing his teaching position at the West Point Military Academy Prep School, which is housed on the Fort … Continue reading

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